Homing Missile

That's my Level 2 Weapon, guys! (or gals, meh.)

The Homing Missile gives you a crosshair cursor to click at any location on the planet. After the click, fires a missile straight up from your character which accurately comes straight down on that location. Must have no obstructions above character or target to work cfgto upgrade it. It is a long-range weapon (planet-wide), that does small damage in the game. A good combo for this weapon is the Big Boomer, since it's given that this weapon targets without fail. It is shot directly above the user. Note: that this weapon can be rendered useless under steel beams and caves, unless he/she is out of that area.

Levels of the Homing MissileEdit

  • Requires 50 Ruby, 100 Topaz, 100 Platinum, 50 Gold to receive this weapon at level 1.
  • Level 1: 3 damage points.
  • Requires 65 Ruby, 130 Topaz, 130 Platinum, 65 Gold to upgrade to level 2.
  • Level 2: 3 damage points.
  • Requires 100 Ruby, 200 Topaz, 1000 Platinum, 100 Gold to upgrade to level 3.
  • Level 3: 4 damage points.
  • Requires 160 Ruby, 320 Topaz, 3200 Platinum, 160 Gold to upgrade to level 4.
  • Level 4: 3 damage points.
  • Requires 250 Ruby, 500 Topaz, 5000 Platinum, 250 Gold to upgrade to level 5.
  • Level 5: 10 damage points.


  • "Sitting Pretty'" -- The player can stand still with this miraculous device. No need to move, or put a lot of stress to attacking every Robot.
  • "Untouchable" -- Makes the player go at an affordable distance, and has to be far apart from the enemy.
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